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A Very Special Thank You

The first time I got to hear a long distance friend's voice!

The first time I got to hear a long distance friend’s voice!

If you didn’t read my blog here, then this may not make much sense. So, go on now. Go read it. We’ll do a little work here while we wait for ya.

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Did you read it? Awesome story, right?

Well, sweet Rusty got up this morning and sent me this.

I don’t want to stay up all night figuring out how to get video on here, but I PROMISE I will soon. I know it will look waaayyy cooler when I do.

Until then, I beg, beg, beg you to click here! You will NOT regret it. Not one bit!!

The explanation for Rusty’s crazy lost voice? Well, after chanting at the Supreme Court rally yesterday for marriage equality, I’d say his voice sounds like pure joy!

And if you were touched, please leave me a message here on the blog!

Rusty will get it, too. Promise:)






I am NOT a great morning person. I will soak up every last second of shut eye possible. But this morning my eyes opened, like, POW! I remembered right away what was happening today. I moisturized, threw on my red shirt, my supportive bra and got in touch with my buddy, Rusty.


While I was getting ready and figuring out how I was going to teach my preschoolers while being so juiced, Rusty was passing by Union Station and Columbus Circle,


making his way to the rally just in time to see the sun come up over the Supreme Court.


You see, today was history. Freaking history! The Supreme Court heard arguments for and against same-sex marriage for the first time. And Rusty was there! Lucky for us he documented his day and shared it with me via text. Even more luck, I JUST started my blog and can remember this day forever, have a bit of history passed directly to me and share, share, share!


I was a bundle of excitement from the moment I woke this morning. I had never been to a demonstration in front of the High Court before so I kinda didn’t know what to expect. A big showing? Small crowd? Yelling and shouting? Civil disobedience?


What did you feel when you got there and realized the magnitude of support?


Well, as soon as I exited Union Station, there were two kinda lonely looking marriage equality supporters in Columbus Circle. I smiled and gave them the thumbs up and asked if there were a lot gathering. They smiled and nodded. I high tailed it to the front steps of the High Court, maybe a ten to fifteen minute walk from Union Station. My energy only elevated.

When I saw the crowds I smiled and lost my breath a little.


I couldn’t see any of the opposition! All I saw were people IN SUPPORT of marriage equality.





Opposition were organized elsewhere and making a marching entrance around ten o’clock. They marched up First Street NE with a  police escort. That’s when it got loud! The excitement intensified. Good vs Evil collided. The chants got louder as they approached. There was also a pastor who began preaching and condemning the pro-marriage demonstrators but our voices drowned him out! That moment was spectacular. I was yelling at the top of my lungs “EQUALITY NOW! EQUALITY NOW!” Getting in his face, pumping my fist. I was fired up, tranny!

But I saw no instances where it got really ugly or nasty.

You can see his short video of rally footage here.


There were also two proud gay republicans showing their support with us. They had a sign with the GOP elephant logo in rainbow.


(Remembering to breathe)

What would the end of DOMA mean to you?

You can see the defeat in this guy's face already.

You can see the defeat in this guy’s face already.


An impossible future of a loving committed relationship with another man suddenly becoming possible:’)


Recognized by the federal government.

The ability to say with conviction, “I am an equal American with the same right and privileges that heterosexual Americans enjoy.

(Here I believe we both paused to choke back a few tears)


What about adoption?


Haven’t thought much about it. My brother has two kids, a boy and a girl. I’m my nephew’s godfather. Bobby and I are quite happy with what we have now.

Who knows what will be.

Not arrested. Yay! But a hoarse voice. Small price to pay for equality, right?

Not arrested. Yay! But a hoarse voice. Small price to pay for equality, right?

And that’s Rusty! Can you see the energy, happiness and thrill he’s exuding? Today I got to live vicariously through this sweetheart. Bless him!


Today my Facebook looked beautiful with the red equality signs everywhere. I wore my red, though I’m not sure how many here in south KC noticed. But that’s ok. I couldn’t be in front of the High Court, but I was carrying the spirit of this historical day with me. I teared up a couple times and my chest swelled with pride with every sign of equality I saw.

Finally, I will end on this. My cousin Mike is very dear to me, has an amazing heart and has, as you’ll see, an amazing insight and way with words.

“Hi, Love. I don’t believe in labels. Mainly because a label is giving someone else empowerment. But the one label I do believe in is love. No matter who you fall in love with, you should be able to express that love the same way as the rights of the majority. We’ll look back at these times and be either ashamed at the ignorance, or proud that we allowed acceptance in love.”

I know it will be the latter.

The red is all about love.</p><br />


When the monkeys get whiny, I get creative.


Ugh. When the three year old wants something, she wants it NOW!

This is (if you enjoy people making fun of themselves you will most definitely want to click) the little game I play when I’ve had enough of the whining.

Her tenacity will pay off in the future.

Her tenacity will pay off in the future.

Her tenacity will pay off in the future.

Her tenacity will pay off in the future.

And, yes, this is the same little precious that said this.


Sigh..she’s my little buddy, alright.

The Bloggess: One Funny Woman, Y’all


A Quick and Dirty Post

I am one lucky girl. I had the pleasure of a night out, dinner AFTER bedtime, listening to Jenny Lawson speak, and, BONUS, I got to do all this with two besties. Carla and Lianne you know who you are but I won’t mention you by name here.

Jenny Lawson, aka The Bloggess. I have to admit I have not been a follower per se. I would read her blogs from time to time but was always too lazy to commit to actually following. In my defense, I have another bestie who has a great blog that went viral and I am still lazy about checking that one! Is that a good defense? Hmm. Imma say ‘yeah’.

The Bloggess is freaking hilarious. Wait. I think she would be offended at me censoring myself so I have to say *fuck. She is fucking hilarious. Seriously. So much so that I am now a follower.  Jenny walked out to speak to us in a choir robe while admitting she was currently on four benadryl and Xanex. The woman is NOT afraid to talk about her anxiety. Hallelujah!

She read The Psychopath on the Other Side of the Bathroom Door from her book and we were rolling. I’m talking tears and the ugly face laugh. Ever been stuck on the toilet after taking too many Ex-Lax, followed by a frappuccino, while simultaneously worrying about there being a rapist on the other side of the bathroom door? The Bloggess has.

Really crappy pic of a really hilarious Bloggess.
Really crappy pic of a really hilarious Bloggess.

The belly laughs continued as she did a Q&A, often answering questions with more stories. We were particularly fascinated with the story of the chocolate vagina. Because of The Bloggess I now have a new favorite quote: “Thank you for the chocolate vagina, but I’m lactose intolerant and not sure how your vagina is going to settle in my stomach”.

This month my fearless book club is reading Jenny Lawson’s book Let’s Pretend This Never Happened (A Mostly True Memoir). With chapter titles like My Vagina is Fine, Thanks for Asking, And That’s Why Neil Patrick Harris Would Be the Most Successful Mass Murderer Ever and Thanks for the Zombies, Jesus, this is going be a kick ass book club month.

*Before you get offended, read Jenny’s book. However, if my use of a couple swear words offended you already, then maybe you should choose another.  And if you’re a closeted swear word lover, this book could be your dirty little secret.

Also, I love that I got to use ‘per se’.

Later, y’all.

Evolution vs. Creationism



With much debate and bills being introduced, I wanted to ask the question: Does creationism belong in the public school science classrooms? I have a post in the works on this topic with my own personal opinion and action taken.

In the poll below are four popular opinions. Please vote for the opinion closest to yours.

The results should be interesting!

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Me and Ari Shapiro at UMKC


Me and Ari Shapiro at UMKC

The Next LGBTQ Generation

Ari Shapiro gave the 6th annual UMKC Pride Address. The NPR White House correspondent and award winning journalist spoke about how the “LGBTQ community has the power to influence social, political and economic issues in the community, legislature, business and civic organizations and in our institutions of higher education.” UMKC Diversity

Mr. Shapiro talked about the positive influence of LGBTQ in media and government for young people and how gay rights was becoming a non issue for them. The young voters are overwhelmingly in favor of rights for all people and as we move forward, this will be less of a battle. Republicans got to see this first hand in the 2012 election. The young vote and the LGBTQ vote swung heavily in favor of Obama. How does this affect the right? “The GOP will need to reorient,” Mr. Shapiro said, in order to garner support from these groups. We are seeing this even the past week with a leading Senator and Hillary Clinton coming out in favor of same-sex marriage.

He also had a couple funny stories to share. My favorite was about one of his good friends in Washington, D.C., also a gay man and former speechwriter for President Obama. Part of the job of the speechwriters is to know something of the ins and outs of the White House. During a tour of one of the innermost parts of the White House, (think counter terrorism type strategy room), one of the men working behind a computer recognized the man from a gay bar they both frequented and exclaimed, in a high pitch voice, “oohh my gawwd, what are you doing here?!” , whereupon the speechwriter turned to those in his group and whispered loudly “we’re EVERYWHERE”.

I used to get so excited driving to a concert to see a favorite long haired band. Now I’m thrilled to get to see one of my favorite journalists speak on a topic very close to my heart. Mr. Shapiro stayed for questions and pictures. He is beautiful, witty, intelligent and an invaluable gift to the LGBTQ community. But, sorry guys, he’s been married now for five years.