Vulnerability pays off…big time


My heart always has room for more people. I am always ready to share more love. I’ll meet you, instantly like you and then I will not be able to stop thinking about the next time we might get to hang out. That’s how I work.

But this time it was too much and hard to handle.

First read through with the entire Listen to Your Mother KC cast

First read through with the entire Listen to Your Mother KC cast

Last night the entire cast of Listen To Your Mother read aloud for the first time.

So much caring, vulnerability, safety and trust. I was overwhelmed by it and it. was. good.

Every woman shared, spoke, gave her story. Every woman belly laughed and every woman cried. It was one of the most intimate moments of my life, shared with women who were, at first, strangers. But after the first reading it was clear. That first reading turned this group of strangers into sisters. Our hearts were open, we were vulnerable, we had each others backs. We were all in this together.

It was hard to sleep last night. My mind was reeling from the amazing stories shared. I was sure when I arrived to sit among these women they would realize the mistake they had made in casting me. But I did NOT feel that way and that blew me away. My story fit in with all the rest. We all belonged there and we all let each other know it.

Still teary. Still giggling.




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  1. I might have to crash your gatherings sometime……seems like there is a lot of different emotions all in one room at the same time!! Pure awesomeness to be able to be a part of I imagine! Glad you all have found one another and I am hopeful to attend when you all share with the genral public all you have to offer!

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