What To Do, What To Do


I wrote this well before I started my blog. I think I wrote it two years ago. Pretty cool to find it, tucked away in my computer somewhere.

Do you let other people’s perceptions determine who you are?

I’ve been pondering this. How often did I look into my past and wonder about what people still think of me. What do they  remember if they only remember me at 13, 16, 25?

I was a sweet kid, but I was also a bit of a metal head, often attending more concerts than classes.

Aw, yeah. Check the hair!

Aw, yeah. Check the hair!

There were teachers and parents and even peers who didn’t approve, I’m sure. One run in, years later, with the principal of our small town high school proved he still held some less than fond thoughts of me as a student in his school.

random 001

There was the happy go lucky me. Laid back and always ready to just laugh and hang out with friends, which reflected too often in my grades. But, being an only kid with a single parent living a transient life, I really craved the companionship more than I longed to become valedictorian.

Me. Not Valedictorian.

Me. Not Valedictorian.

Living all over the place, changing schools and having absent and multiple adults come in and out of my life really screwed with my priorities. No. I didn’t always have them straight. I made some bad decisions and some really bad decisions. Some, people knew about and were true, others were just small townish rumors. If you’re a party girl, well, there are definitely going to be stories! True or not, you will be judged by the company you keep, choices you make and that will determine the person others think you are. *Note to self: say that last sentence to MY kids over and over.

So, how often do we let these not so fond memories/worries of what others may have thought keep hold of us? How long do we let what other people think determine how we think of ourselves? Those formative high school years have a serious impact, one that some people never get over, many times affecting educational and career choices.

How has your past shaped what you do today and the choices you’ve made career wise? When did you realize what you love and let all the metaphorical strings holding you down fall away?

Jump ahead to wherever you are now. Do you have a family? A career? Maybe you’ve tried a couple and not quite found the one?  I ask these questions because I am in a place where I no longer need approval or harbor the feelings from disapproval of my past. However, I need MY approval and that can be (ugh) the toughest of all. I have tried a couple careers on, been a stay at home mom now for over 10 years and am ready for something more. Problem is, I’m full of ideas and don’t know where to begin.

I’ve got to remember where my talents lie and what I’m passionate about.  Do I look up a bunch of online career and personality quizzes? Talk to a bunch of friends? Jump in to something, maybe fail or just realize it’s not right, then try again? Probably will do all of those and some I can’t even think of right now. And I’m not afraid to.


Dream! (Photo credit: Melody Campbell)

Are you someone who has switched careers after doing what you thought you wanted or what others assumed you should do? Are you in the process of switching right now? If you stayed home with your kiddos, what are you doing now that your little ones are older? I’d love to hear what has determined your career. What you’re passionate about. Especially if you wound up in a job that surprised you.

There were a lot of confidence issues I let have control over my young adult life. Thankfully, age and life experience change us, mine for the better.  Now I’m searching for my talents and my passions. I’m searching for something challenging and rewarding. I can’t wait to find it.

Passion Quilt Meme. Find your own path

Passion Quilt Meme. Find your own path (Photo credit: sirexkat)

P.S. If you know what I’m good at, please share it with me! It would save me a lot of soul and online searching. K? Thanks.


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  1. Michelle, I knew you back then in high school and when I first saw you I hate to admit it but I judged and just thought you were a “pretty girl snob”. but then I actually talked to you in class and found out that was the total OPPOSITE of who you were/are. lol. You are such a genuine caring loving person and a pleasure to know. You have a spark about you that is contagious!!! About what you may be good at from your blog and your posts you are a natural writer/storyteller!!!!!! go with what you LOVE to do. me, I married young (18) and started a family. when my oldest started preschool I decided to do something more with my life but didnt know what. so off to school i went with the idea that I wanted to be an accountant, but soon realized that was just not me. I cant stand to do the same thing over and over again. I dropped out for a while and had my second child and worked what jobs i could to make ends meet, convience stores and factories. then one day a dear friend of mine that i helped through some really dark times told me that I was his nurse. it dawne on me then, something that had been in the back of my mind for a long time that being a nurse was my true calling. as a kid i was always the nuturing one. so at 30 yrs old i started back to school and worked full time, took care of my kids and went to school full time. 4 long hard yrs, and a divorce later, I graduated. it was the first time in my life that I actually felt proud of myself for what i accomplished!!!! its been 5 yrs and even though i put in long work days, I still LOVE what i do. You will find it. that something that you just KNOW you are meant to do with your life. because even though motherhood is the most rewarding amazing experience ever, kids do grow up and have their own lives. and you, my dear sweet, amazing friend are many things besides being a wife and mother!!! not sure if this will help just wanted to chip in. love your blog by the way!!!!


    • Holy Hell, woman! You just made my brain and heart explode. So happy for you and thank you for the kind words!!! Thank you isn’t enough, but it’s all I can give over the interwebs;)

  2. First time here, so my two cents are very limited. However, I know all too well the expectations I had for myself when I was younger versus the ones that were realized when I got older. And the number one thing I would say (and everyone would say) is find something you love doing. Something that makes getting out of bed worthwhile. I never thought the career I have would be something I would be passionate about, but I am. I love what I do and it’s not glamorous and it doesn’t make me famous (like youthful aspirations wanted) but, it makes me happy.

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