In 8 Days


I wear my vulnerability proudly. I also love the number 8. Always have. As of now, I have 8 days. In 8 days I will put my vulnerability to the test. In 8 days I will stand before a room of friends, family and strangers and share a part of myself I have always wanted to share but never knew how. In 8 days I will have that opportunity in a way I never saw coming.

8 is friendship.

In music, the 8th note is the end of one scale and, at the same time, the beginning of another. On May 11th, I will share a very personal story of growing up. I will walk toward that microphone alone, but with the strength of the women who have traveled this journey with me. The 8th note stands alone, yet is part of something bigger. The women of this cast represent something bigger. I know I am strong enough to stand alone, yet I could not imagine doing this without them.


8 is power.

The Kabala teaches that 8 takes us past natural, limited perfection and into the supernatural. I wrote my story to see if I could push myself past my level of comfort. Would I be brave enough to share my story? This journey called Listen To Your Mother is pushing me even farther beyond my natural, safe tendencies. Also represented by the number 8: resurrection, completion, prosperity. My voice has been resurrected. And with these new friendships, these new women in my life, I have already prospered

8 is balance.

Scientifically speaking, 8 is the number of universal order, it is said to represent the volume of the Earth, and all chemicals on the periodic chart fall into 8 categories. But for the night of the 11th, I will remember that 8 is the atomic number for oxygen, and…just…breathe.

8 is love.

Mathematically speaking, 8 on its side is the beautiful symbol for infinity. And in turn, motherhood and infinity represent the “constant flow of energy, perpetual motion and the continuance of life“.

Infinity Guitar

Infinity is a beautiful number to look at, write and say aloud.  When I think of  the women with me on this journey I think of how beautiful they are to look at, how delicately their stories have been written and how gracefully they will be spoken

8 days.

In 8 days we will complete this journey. I’m excited for the show, but I know, right now, this is the best part. Fortunately the symbol for 8 never ends. Listen To Your Mother is just the beginning of something more powerful for me and the women I am sharing it with. I send love to all the other women around the nation on their nights. I hope you’ll wish me luck. Wish all of us luck. Find your 8.


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  1. Funny 8 is my number too…I always bet 7 & 8 on what ever I do, but always like the even 8….

    Mary Libbye Sturgeon “Jesus Loves Me This I Know” DREAMS CAN COME TRUE WHEN YOU BELIEVE”  +    


  2. This makes me want to rush to your side to hug you. This is so powerful and amazing. I found you through Nerdy Apple, who is struggling to stand under the weight of a sick friend, and you offered to let her jump into your lap to snuggle. This resonates so much with me. When the fit is hitting the shan, we women jump in to help, to hold, to encourage and stand strong for the one who wants to crumble. Oh, I look forward to exploring your blog and learning more about you. I love all the powerful math references to the number eight. I love math. I love nerding it up with my kids, and I didn’t know any of this. So – that makes me happy too. Bless you on May 11th. This is going to be tremendous!

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