Review: The Cup (for the ladies)


A bit of a disclaimer before reading:

Boys! If you’re reading this, please know it’s about lady parts and functions. But feel free to stay! Goodness know many of you could use a lesson or two;) Or, better yet, just feel more comfortable with the fact that your woman’s vagina does more than just the fun stuff. Also, for those of you wondering why I would talk about something that most consider so private, well, I’m cool with sharing something that millions of us deal with all the time. I promise not to post intimate pics or anything like that, but I do wish a friend had shared this info with me! Besides, I’m just excited for this to work!

Here goes!

Ok, so, I just finished my period this month. I am also just about out of light tampons, regular tampons, super tampons, light days pads, regular pads, and overnight pads. Whew. That’s a lot of crap to have in order to manage a few days out of each month. Also, I hate the feeling of pads, I hate forgetting to pack my purse each month, I hate that tampons mess up the healthy environment ‘down there’, I hate what tampons do to my garbage can and septic system and I hate knowing that we are creating so much more trash! 85 million menstruating women can do a lot of damage and I’m not just talking violence!

Here are just a few facts I found at

Over 12 BILLION pads and tampons are USED ONCE and disposed of annually, adding to environmental pollution.

Plastic tampon applicators may not biodegrade for several hundred years.

An average woman throws away 250 to 300 pounds of tampons, pads and applicators in her lifetime. The great majority of these end up in landfills, or as something the sewage treatment plants must deal with.

Plastic tampon applicators from sewage outfalls are one of the most common forms of trash on beaches.


Those are just a few problems I have with the average feminine product.

So…I just purchased this, ladies.


This is The Diva Cup, but there are many different brands. The cup is designed to fit low inside the vaginal canal. It catches the menstrual flow which you are then able to just pour it out. It’s sanitary, reusable and, this is one of the best parts, you only have to empty it one to two times per day!

I had a lot of questions so I YouTubed. There are a lot of reviews and I was annoyed with most of them but I did find one that was very helpful from artistenoire. I like her style.

I also decided to purchase and learn how to use the cup because I have two daughters. I hope that I will love it and be comfortable with it so that they will be comfortable with it and won’t ever have to spend time, money and plumbing charges on feminine products. They won’t have to deal with dry tampons, bunched up pads, putting a quarter in the machine in the ladies room only to have nothing come out when they reealllyy need it, having to borrow products or do the roll up toilet paper thing so many of us have done at one time or another. Newly menstruating girls prob won’t start out using a cup. I am sure it is a comfort level thing, differences in body types and age, but that’s another subject.

If this freaks you out, CHILL and THINK! How could this be worse than anything else we have to do with all the products we think we need? And think of the money you’ll save. How much do you hate the price of good tampons? If I ever get excited over a coupon or sale, it’s definitely when I find a good tampon coupon or Target has their $5 giftcard specials in the feminine aisle.

If you read about the cup or watched a review and you still don’t understand how it works, I HIGHLY recommend you learn about your own parts. It’s shocking what we women don’t know about our own bods!

Did I mention I was excited? I know that it sounds weird to be excited about my period and facing a learning curve with said period, but, well, yeah, I’m excited. It’s not that time of the month right now, so my review won’t be for awhile, but I wanted to share that I WILL do one. Meanwhile, if you have questions or have already been using The Diva Cup, please share in the comments and I’ll keep them in mind. Yes, that means I will be thinking of YOUR question when inserting, pouring and hopefully not leaking next month!


Well, I can’t say I love it, but it’s only because I am still learning. BUT, I am excited because I have found something that works for me! After using the cup I realized I DO NOT like tampons. I appreciate that they exist, but I have moved on to something better. Thank you, Tampax, for all our years together, but I am moving on and not looking back.

Before you read on you might want to look at this video. It’ll familiarize you with some of the things I’m describing.

My first go was a bit messy. Removal will take practice. I really had to reach in there to relieve the suction. When doing that, I had some spillage but only on my fingers and over the potty. I got better after a couple days so I’m definitely optimistic. I  leaked a little, but only a tiny bit. I knew this would happen for a beginner and on my heaviest days, so I supplemented with a light days pad. I hate pads, so it was nice that I only needed a light one. It was so minimal I’m thinking of buying some cloth pads. I am above beginner level now for the “c” fold (woohoo!) and the twist (yes!). I did have to shorten the tip just a tiny bit. If you have to do this, definitely do a tiny bit at a time. If you take off too much you may not be able to get a good hold when removing the cup.

I’m lucky I was home for almost all of this. If you are out and can’t wait to empty at home, I would recommend having a baby wipe on hand. I’m going to buy one of the dollar packs at Target so I can just throw them in my purse.

One of my questions I had was would I know when I needed to empty it. That answer came quickly when I felt like I was going to leak in the same way you kind of feel it when wearing a tampon. Your body just tells you. My body was right. I know it sounds weird, but it was kinda cool.

The Diva Cup is what I used. My only issue was the flexibility. There are other cups. One is The Keeper and another is called The Moon Cup. The Keeper is made from latex and The Moon Cup is silicone. I have read The Moon Cup is softer. I may eventually give that one a try.

One weird story before I wrap up. I dared go for a run on my second day of trying this out. I was pretty sure I didn’t insert it well enough. Never run if unsure! I was on a trail and it kept bugging me. There are no bathrooms.  I knew it wouldn’t actually fall out, but it sure felt like it. After doing more kegel-ing than I ever had in my whole life I actually went into the bushes to try and adjust. I was sure I was alone. NOPE! Man with two dogs comes around the corner. Did I get my hand away from my crotch fast enough? I’ll never know, but I’m pretty good at denial in these situations.

So, if you’ve been wondering about this product, I can tell you, this was not that weird, ladies. If you have ever thought of an alternative, give one of the cups a try. It’s not stinky, smelly, or yucky and with a little practice not even messy. I know change is uncomfortable sometimes, but often it can be better. This definitely is. I’m excited that I have tried something new, something better for my body and the environment, and that I like it so much.

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