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I love TEDTalks and Tanktops!


I do not like boxy tshirts. I am 5’2″ so there isn’t a lot of room anywhere for anything to look lengthy and shirts like this just make me look like a billboard. I’ve been dropping hints all over for any of my crafty friends to make my cool t shirts into the perfect tanks I keep seeing on Pinterest.

Thinking I was just never going to get around to being all Pinteresty and actually using my sewing machine, I tried to dump it on a friend. Seriously, I have NEVER even attempted to use it. She wouldn’t take it and now she’s making me LEARN. Well, to my surprise, I begrudgingly read, bobbed and threaded. And I have to say I am kinda proud I took the first steps. Hesitatingly I say I may like this machine.

Anyway, I couldn’t get it all set up and NOT do a little project. What better, simple project than to make those tanks no one else would do FOR me?

So I browsed a few sights and Pinterest pics. I kinda like to do things my own way and I’ve been fortunate enough that mixing and matching steps and ideas usually works out for me. So that’s what I did.

I love TED and have been dying to wear/brag this t. But, of course, I haven’t yet, because, too boxy!! Let’s see if I can remedy that.


1. Pick out a t. Grab some scissors, pins, a safety pin and fabric chalk (optional if you can kinda follow a straight line without help).


2. Cut a strip straight across at the bottom just above the seam and save it. Cut straight across the top of t just below the seam of the neck. Cut off both sleeves just at the seam.


3. Pin the two top sides and sew a seam straight across about a half inch in. If you want your t to fit more like a girl’s t, sew just inside the seam going down the sides like in the pic.


4. Grab that spare piece of fabric that was cut from the bottom of the t and cut it so it is no longer a circle but a long piece of fabric. Attach a safety pin to your spare piece of fabric. Using the safety pin as a guide, thread the long piece of fabric through the two seams you just sewed at the top of the shirt.


5. You can sew the ends of the long piece together, tie over the sholder or in the back. I tied mine in the back so there is a cute black bow off to the side.

Try it on! How’d you do? Mine went pretty well. I was pleased. I played around with the sides a bit before getting the seams just right, but not bad for a first timer. I may actually wear it in public!

Now I gotta go find that Metallica t and maybe my Skid Row one, then my L.A. Guns one, Tesla… I’m excited!


Crafty. Hopefully not crappy!


This was a super old table that someone had painted an UGGLLYYY brown. There were even clumps of paint not smoothed out. But I loved the table and KNEW it could be a beauty. I was a bad Pinteresty crafter person and did not do before photos. I really wish I would have. I think it turned out beautiful.

Next up, HUGE frames! I promise to take before pics!





Feedback, tips and praise welcome;)

No Money, No School Lunch. This is a Teachable Moment?


I feel so sick to my stomach right now I can hardly stand it. Here I was, riding a high from sharing good in the world, happy to be getting to bed at a decent hour, AND I had just registered for my tickets to see A Place at the Table.

So why am I fuming?

Warning: Foul language ahead.

I’m so sorry to bring this to you. I’m sorry you have to hear it. I’m sorry we’re having to talk about it. It sucks to be reminded that shitty stuff happens. To our kids. At school. In a country with an abundant food supply.

But, have you seen this?

Yeah, my day has just ended with that jack wad.

I don’t even know where to start. For now, this:

1. It’s FOX News, so I should have known better than to click, dammit.

2. Could they have found a more Douchey McDoucherson to speak about kids and hunger?

3. We have a rational woman sitting opposite him who gets, oh, about two short comments in.

4. This host…UGH! She keeps trying to soften this terrible, terrible policy and make this guy feel at home while her other guest has a strangled look. Scroll up and look at her again. I think Ms. Reasonable Guest is trying to hold it together for tv. Well, hold it together or not let the vomit actually come OUT of her mouth. Poor thing.

Unfortunately for Mr. Psychotherapist School Counselor, he chose to be the face of this policy on air and say some incredibly stupid shit. So yeah, I’m going off on him. With his big smile and nonchalant attitude while talking about hungry, humiliated children, I can’t imagine he has a fragile psyche. I wonder if he has suffered through his share of “teachable moments“.  What grounds does he have for insisting children have “teachable moments” of hunger and embarrassment? This is disgusting.

And then, while talking about kids NOT being able to eat, he jokes about not being broke even after HANDING OUT ALL HIS CASH to kids at school! What happened to the teachable moment, jerk? I thought you wanted them to go hungry so they would learn!

Learn what?

I wonder if Mr. Psychotherapist School Counselor understands the first thing about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. I wonder if Mr. Psychotherapist School Counselor understands why I’m spitting fire.

You will have to forgive me. It’s late. And I’m pissed. And I should have just gone to bed. And maybe I can express myself more eloquently tomorrow.

Watch the video. I can’t break it down much more than that right now because I’m tired and too pissed. If you can’t understand my anger at this, then I probably couldn’t make you understand anyway. And I’ve already called him names and likely made my mother in law upset with my language. So, more on this later because we DO need to know more about this policy and where and how often it’s being utilized. Until then, hug your kids, high five and smile at other kids. Remind them that they are seen and that the world can be a good place with people that care.

Talk to you later.