Closets are for clothes, my friends! Why I Am A Straight Ally!





To say I was thrilled to have been asked by The Gay Dad Project to write a post about why I am a straight  ally would be quite the understatement. I am still very proud to be an ally. Closets really are for clothes! Come out as a straight ally and be proud. When you do, you will be surprised at how many of us there are!! LOVE!



I hope you’ll read the post below. It’s so dear to me and one of the things I’m most proud of.  And SHARE! You never know who needs this right this moment.


Why I Am A Straight Ally: My guest post for The Gay Dad Project




Now for some shoutin’ out and name droppin’ like a mofo!


The Gay Dad Project has a Twitter account here and a Facebook page here.


Other resources for straight allies or if you are LGBTQIA and are looking for support or have support to give, please check your local areas for PFLAG ( in KC it is PFLAG KC) and The LikeMe LighthouseKC.


One other site that helps support The Gay Dad Project is Lovebian. They sell the kewwwlest stuff and part of the proceeds for TGDP items support the documentary Amy and Erin for TGDP are working on.

I recommend these specifically because I am a supporter. I know there are many more highly supportive groups out there!


It’s all about love!




One more on this special day. NerdyApple is an ally I truly admire. She is strength, wisdom and smart ass all rolled into one! Oh, and don’t mess with her kids😉






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  1. “In a gentle way, you can shake the world.”

    It’s interesting. Physics describes how you start gently shaking an object–let’s say a tree–and by continuing to gently increase the force with which you shake, you can (without much effort at all) easily knock the tree down. By applying gentle pressure to society over the years and slowly gaining more allies to help push at that gentle pace, that tree is coming down. And I’m going to be there when it does.

    I know you will be too. So from one pusher to another, I thank you Michelle, for pushing with me. With enough love and determination amazing transformations occur.

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