Just Needed to Share


I’ve been working on improving my health since the last week of July. Cleaner eating, happier attitude, strength. Very proud that it was not a New Year’s resolution but plain resolve.


So I have to share an exciting moment.

Baby guns peekin' out!

Baby guns peekin’ out!

Over the Christmas week, surrounded by the mother in law’s delicious food, I ate whatever I wanted, leaving me now feeling very sluggish and soft. Still, I wanted to go shopping for jeans. Feeling sure this may not have been the best time, I still went. And guess what!? Four or so days of splurging did not ruin all my hard work! Went down almost two jean sizes and hadn’t even realized it. Great encouragement to get right back at it.

Bold pic, I know! Taken about a month ago. But keeping me accountable.

Bold pic, I know! Taken about a month ago. But keeping me accountable.

Loving my energy. Loving my muscles. Happier all around!

Feel free to cheer me on! And, especially, what are doing for a happier you RIGHT NOW?


Thanks for reading. Happy New Year!


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  1. Your hard effort should be encourageing results for others. So proud of your efforts, looking even more beautiful than ever, ….your hard work should encourage others
    to so the same this year…keep up the awesome new YOU!!!!! LOVE MOM

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