‘Splain yoself, girl!


So I just sent out a tweet. I can’t let go of the fact that I effed it up. If anything, I need to quickly explain what happened in my head. None of my friends care, I know, because they all know me well enough to know better. Some may even follow my train of thought and the ones who can do that are, well, probably just as crazy as I am.

1. Colbert used the word “whatever” after using the word Oriental when describing Asians.

2. He used that because there are minorities that people think they really can’t offend.

3. Therefore, Colbert using “whatever” was hilariously brilliant.

3. Oriental is offensive because it describes objects, not people.

5. People seem to think they cannot insult Native Americans, i.e. Washington Redskins. (It’s not like I just used the N-word, right?  <insert idiot’s laugh here>)

6. I was laughing at the brilliance of the word “whatever” when writing my tweet.

All of this was in my head when I wrote and tweeted (this is not verbatim because I hastily deleted when it got RTed and spanked in a couple replies):

“When people use the word Oriental to describe a person, they are usually shocked when I tell them it’s insulting and then they act like it’s no big deal.”

I know that’s more than 40 characters, but that’s the idea.

I then added the hashtag #CancelColbert and the embarrassment ensued. Can you follow that crazy? No? Sigh. I understand.

But it’s ok. I obviously love Colbert. Is it wrong to get all my news from The Daily Show and Colbert Nation? I think not. Maybe. Whatever.

Also, I’m going to hide in a cave for a bit, snuggled in some Oriental rugs and a buddy is bringing me Chinese.


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