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‘Splain yoself, girl!


So I just sent out a tweet. I can’t let go of the fact that I effed it up. If anything, I need to quickly explain what happened in my head. None of my friends care, I know, because they all know me well enough to know better. Some may even follow my train of thought and the ones who can do that are, well, probably just as crazy as I am.

1. Colbert used the word “whatever” after using the word Oriental when describing Asians.

2. He used that because there are minorities that people think they really can’t offend.

3. Therefore, Colbert using “whatever” was hilariously brilliant.

3. Oriental is offensive because it describes objects, not people.

5. People seem to think they cannot insult Native Americans, i.e. Washington Redskins. (It’s not like I just used the N-word, right?  <insert idiot’s laugh here>)

6. I was laughing at the brilliance of the word “whatever” when writing my tweet.

All of this was in my head when I wrote and tweeted (this is not verbatim because I hastily deleted when it got RTed and spanked in a couple replies):

“When people use the word Oriental to describe a person, they are usually shocked when I tell them it’s insulting and then they act like it’s no big deal.”

I know that’s more than 40 characters, but that’s the idea.

I then added the hashtag #CancelColbert and the embarrassment ensued. Can you follow that crazy? No? Sigh. I understand.

But it’s ok. I obviously love Colbert. Is it wrong to get all my news from The Daily Show and Colbert Nation? I think not. Maybe. Whatever.

Also, I’m going to hide in a cave for a bit, snuggled in some Oriental rugs and a buddy is bringing me Chinese.


Just Needed to Share


I’ve been working on improving my health since the last week of July. Cleaner eating, happier attitude, strength. Very proud that it was not a New Year’s resolution but plain resolve.


So I have to share an exciting moment.

Baby guns peekin' out!

Baby guns peekin’ out!

Over the Christmas week, surrounded by the mother in law’s delicious food, I ate whatever I wanted, leaving me now feeling very sluggish and soft. Still, I wanted to go shopping for jeans. Feeling sure this may not have been the best time, I still went. And guess what!? Four or so days of splurging did not ruin all my hard work! Went down almost two jean sizes and hadn’t even realized it. Great encouragement to get right back at it.

Bold pic, I know! Taken about a month ago. But keeping me accountable.

Bold pic, I know! Taken about a month ago. But keeping me accountable.

Loving my energy. Loving my muscles. Happier all around!

Feel free to cheer me on! And, especially, what are doing for a happier you RIGHT NOW?


Thanks for reading. Happy New Year!

Closets are for clothes, my friends! Why I Am A Straight Ally!





To say I was thrilled to have been asked by The Gay Dad Project to write a post about why I am a straight  ally would be quite the understatement. I am still very proud to be an ally. Closets really are for clothes! Come out as a straight ally and be proud. When you do, you will be surprised at how many of us there are!! LOVE!



I hope you’ll read the post below. It’s so dear to me and one of the things I’m most proud of.  And SHARE! You never know who needs this right this moment.


Why I Am A Straight Ally: My guest post for The Gay Dad Project




Now for some shoutin’ out and name droppin’ like a mofo!


The Gay Dad Project has a Twitter account here and a Facebook page here.


Other resources for straight allies or if you are LGBTQIA and are looking for support or have support to give, please check your local areas for PFLAG ( in KC it is PFLAG KC) and The LikeMe LighthouseKC.


One other site that helps support The Gay Dad Project is Lovebian. They sell the kewwwlest stuff and part of the proceeds for TGDP items support the documentary Amy and Erin for TGDP are working on.

I recommend these specifically because I am a supporter. I know there are many more highly supportive groups out there!


It’s all about love!




One more on this special day. NerdyApple is an ally I truly admire. She is strength, wisdom and smart ass all rolled into one! Oh, and don’t mess with her kids😉





Random Acts of Kindness


I have been trying to be more conscious of opportunities to do random cool things for people. I was going to keep track but kept forgetting to journal or blog about it. This afternoon I was very moved by an opportunity to be a bit more than the normal nice and it encouraged me to start keeping track. So, these are the ones I can remember so far:)


We donated (over the phone) to the Newtown, CT General Store the day after the tragedy. Bonus? I got a call back from the owner who, apparently, needed to talk. He filled me in on so much that was going on that day from the donations being given to the temperature of the Newtown citizens. He filled a bucket full of candy and made a sign that said “From Your Friends in KC“. Kiddos could just take a piece of candy. On us.

Bucket of candy at the Newtown, CT General Store. The sign says From Your Friends in KC: Justus, Evan and Harper.

Bucket of candy at the Newtown, CT General Store.
The sign says From Your Friends in KC: Justus, Evan and Harper.


We randomly pay for the drinks of the people at the drive through at Starbucks. I’d like to count this one as a lot of ARK’s, but I’ve decided to leave it as one. It’s just too darn easy and fun.

The kiddos at the place a good friend lovingly refers to as "my office".

The kiddos at the place a good friend lovingly refers to as “my office”.


My husband always mows the neighbors front yard. He will also be the first to walk over and help another neighbor or anyone else who needs it. It’s no big deal to him, but it’s such a kind thing to do and a great example for our kids.

He is also absolutely not above the silliness.

He is also absolutely not above the silliness.


I started this post because today granted me a more touching opportunity. I headed to CVS to pick up my low dose of Lexapro, cuz, well, ya know;) There was a man in front of me at the pharmacy having a quiet discussion with the cashier. It’s a scenario that, I’m sure happens a thousand times a day. This one particular time I just happened to be present.

An older gentleman was shocked to learn that the price of his prescription had gone up. He was calm and kind while discussing with the pharmacist tech which one he could do without for now. My husband and I are by no means wealthy, but for what he was having to forgo, we would not have batted an eye at had we needed it for our or our children’s health.

I made it so he didn’t have to choose for today. He was quietly gracious. He gave me a greater gift:)

I left on a kindness high.


I have number 5! A lot of you may say we are doing this for ourselves and that would be true. But we do try to be good stewards of our planet and model that to our children. And if others notice then, GREAT! We are going SOLAR, y’all! Woohoo! While this will eventually save us monthly, there is a large upfront cost. But the ONLY thing negative about this is having to have cash on hand. The positives? Generating CLEAN energy for everyone else, lower bills for us means we will not have to cut charity spending (which we actually thought we were going to have to do for about the next eight months and that thought SUCKED), modeling clean energy!!!!, reduce emissions by 223 TONS of CO2 over 25 years which is the equivalent of 726,914 miles NOT driven or FOUR ACRES of trees planted. Also, the more people that go solar, the less the price will come down for everyone else.

So, yeah, I’mma count it as an act of kindness to EARTH:)

Computer aerial image of our home WITH the panels. Yippee!

Computer aerial image of our home WITH the panels. Yippee!


My Reading at Listen To Your Mother KC 2013

Well, here it is. My big moment at Listen To Your Mother KC 2013.
Feeling the power with my soul sister Lisa Allen from Back to Allen.

Feeling the power with my soul sister Lisa Allen from Back to Allen.

Greta Funk from gfunkified is not amused;)

Greta Funk from gfunkified is not amused;)

I will not say if this happened before or after the show.

I will not say if this happened before or after the show. Also, kids, alcohol is, um, not ALWAYS the answer.

I have to admit, I was trembling before the show. I was trembling while I read. So, without further ado…

(Please CLICK HERE or on the caption below the pic to see the video! And don’t forget to come back to read what happened after!)

I was trembling when I sat. I think I would have only been slightly less fearful were I required to walk across that stage nude.

Julie Thies Dunlap caring for me after my reading.

Julie Thies Dunlap caring for me after my reading.

After the show, though, I could not have imagined the way I would feel. So many people came up to me to say they enjoyed what I read, that they were proud of me and that they enjoyed the entire show. But what really surprised me were the thank you’s. Several people thanked me for telling the story they couldn’t, for saying outloud what some thought they should have been ashamed of. Some said thank you because they were now inspired to write down their own truths and my, OUR bravery had inspired them to do that. To all of them, to you who encouraged me and to those who emailed, texted and Facebook’d me, I say back to you, thank you. I didn’t know ahead of time all of the positivity that would come from this. But it has made all the fear and vulnerability worth it. Besides, had I known ahead of time, maybe I wouldn’t have delivered with the honesty and vulnerability with which I did.

Some of you have asked how my relationship is with my mother. It is good. Like I said, I have worked and worked to be where I am. And where I am is comfortable with her. She is good to my children.

A surprising dialogue that came out of this was with my stepdad. Well, one of them, lol, I have, like, three? Four? Anyway, my sister’s dad is the one who, above all others, has been there for me. We don’t speak as often as we used to, but he saw the video and gave me a call. He told me how he had never been more proud of me. From that statement I got to have a true father/daughter moment. I don’t have any of those, really. I just sat on the phone for a minute. Stunned. I was so touched. He also talked about how much he loves me, has always loved me and wants to work on being my one true dad. I’m 40 but it still made me feel like a child who just had their dad make them feel like the most special person in the world.

I hope you enjoyed the video. I really hope you’ll share it. You would be surprised who might need to hear it or knows someone they would like to share it with.

Peace to you all. HUGS!